Discover Barnwell County

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Discover Barnwell County

Discover Barnwell County

The story of Barnwell County is told by visiting the displays and exhibitions to understand the history of the Native Americans earliest days of South Carolina to the present day. Also, functions traveling art exhibits, important presentations, and functions by neighborhood musicians.


Make a Day Visit to The Hagood-Mauldin House and Enjoy Fine Art at The Irma Morris Museum

It was built west of the Keowee River in the original Pickens County seat around 1856. Then in about 1868 when the town was relocated they dismantled and moved the classical Greek Revival house to the new town. The house remained as a museum by the last owner who collected art and furnishings from the 17th- and 18th-century.


State Park in Barnwell

Barnwell State Park is situated in a backwoods near Blackville. It includes a fish pond surrounded by outing locations as well as a nature route which takes you on a spectacular trip around the fish pond with a selection of landscapes. It is a very popular fishing spot as well. Some intriguing plant life can be seen in the pond at particular times of the year.


losing weight in barnwellBarnwell County Courthouse and Vertical Sundial

For some 150 years, Barnwell’s unusual upright sundial has provided the proper time of day to passersby. It is believed to be the just one of its kind staying in America. Tale has it that this is the only upright sundial in the USA and though put up two years before basic time, it maintains within 2 minutes of that. Captain Joseph D. Allen, a wealthy Barnwell homeowner as well as a fan of monuments, had the sundial made in Charleston. The initial courthouse, integrated into Boiling Springs in 1789, was been successful by several buildings on today website. Today courthouse was integrated in 1878-79.